Turf Team Lawn Care Fertilization and Weed Control

Step 1 - Pre-Emergence Weed Control

Applied from Mid-March through April, our pre-emergent application prevents crabgrass all season, as well as a feeding for a quick spring green up.

Step 2 - Post-Emergence Weed Control

Our 2nd application is applied in May to control actively growing weeds suck as dandelions while feeding and strengthening your lawn for the hot summer.

Step 3 - Instect Control and Fertilizer

The 3rd application is applied from June to July and protects against grubs while strengthening the lawn against heat and drought.

Step 4 - Fall Fertilizer

The fourth application is applied in September through October. It provides a well balanced slow release nitrogen fertlizer to keep the lawn healthy and growing through fall.

Step 5 - Winter Fertilizer

The fifth and final application occurs in November through December and is the most important fertilization of the year. This fertilization gives your turf the nutrients it needs for the entire winter so your turf is healthier and greener in the spring.

Additional Services - Core Aeration

Core aeration relieves soil compaction by removing soil cores from your turf. This also allows allows air, water, and nutrients to easily reach the root system ensuring a healthier, greener lawn.

Why Choose Turf Team Lawn Care

There are a lot of lawn care, fertilization and weed control, and landscape companies in the Dayton area. Find out what makes us different.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

Turf Team Lawn Care truly wants to make a difference for you as a client. Whether you just want the best lawn on the block or just don't want to cut your own grass, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our mission is to:

Create overly satisfied customers with extraordinary service through team quality and integrity, while beautifying the community.

We promise to provide extraordinary service and value to your lawn and landscape. We want you to be so delighted by our service that you can't help but tell all of your neighors, friends, and family. We would love the opportunity to prove it to you.